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Meet The Directors

Radford Radio Limited

The Radford Radio Team

Steve Anniss

Steve has a background as a training officer in multiple subjects and was formerly a DJ and sound/lighting engineer.
Steve likes to recall his days at The Morley Centre back in the 80s where he was resident DJ and fitted out the club with a whole host of lighting gear to make it a disco.
Email: steve.anniss@radfordradio.co.uk

Tracey Burke

Tracey was a musician/singer with a group called Andromeda X. She spent 20 years in purchasing and later became receptionist with Plymouth Sound Radio where she took on a presenting role in a show reviewing new music releases. She also has experience of theatrical costume design which she gained through employment with Theatre Royal (plymouth). Tracey made a change of career direction when she became a nurse for ten years before taking early retirement
Email: tracey.burke@radfordradio.co.uk


Mission, Vision and Core Values.

Radford Radio visions.


To provide a platform for the community to entertain, inform and create discussion free of inequality and prejudice.


To be a highly valued and respected focal point of the community. Encouraging social inclusion of groups normally under-represented by the regular media.

Code of Ethics and Principles

We will always strive to serve our audience better. We will engage our listeners with value and respect. We will thrive as a workplace because we encourage diversity of thought, opinion and perspective.


Launch a service that provides a forgotten community a voice.

What We Do

Radford Radio's Services

A small internet based radio station run by volunteers for the community.

Talk Shows

Wide range of talk shows, we hope to achieve a station that can be part of discussions and opinions. Sport coverage for local teams too!

Special Events

We hope to host and attend as many local events as possible, full coverage of these events to be aired and recorded.

Outside Broadcasts

Reach out to the community, visit local people, schools and businesses.


What is a station without music! Our volunteers come from a wide range of music interests and ages, our plan is to have a little something for everyone.

Not For Profit

We pride ourselves on not 'making money' any donations go back into the station to support and keep it ticking along!


Overall Goal to support the local community and be a voice for Plymstock and surrounding areas!

Community Projects & Groups supported by Radford Radio

Community Projects & Groups

Supported by Radford Radio

Old Photos by Tracy Titmus

This facebook group has been in motion and supplying old photos of the Plymstock area for a while, we contacted group creater Tracy and offered a free subdomain and hosting, to help support her group. Find the Website link HERE and Facebook group HERE

Meet The Team

Radford Radio Presenters

The Radford Radio Team

Steve Anniss

Tracey Burke

Richard 'Shades'

Richard Anniss

Tim Nicholson

Neil Farley

Shaun Evans

Alan Inglis-Faulkner

Graham Faulkner

Archie Farmer

Trevellyan Jackett

Dylan Ellis

Jon Kirby

Darren Munday

Scott Ellis

Mark Hartshorn

Mark Truman

Adrian 'Alive'

Michael Roberts

Brian and Janis

Ian Munday

Ian Blackhouse

Commitee Members

People with a purpose.

Steve Anniss
Tim Nicholson
Richard 'Shades' Palfrey
Shaun Evans
Rev Dave Appleby
Archie Farmer
Neil Farley

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Plymouth, UK

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